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Hubspot doubled their already significant traffic by re-organising their content using a topic cluster strategy to adjust to the way google has changed its search algorithms. Below we’ll give you a brief overview of what we’re doing to similarly adjust and apply this plan to both our blog and to Intercom’s Educate module.

What’s a topic cluster?

Rather than looking for keywords and writing an individual article on it, you create a central pillar page like ‘21 Ways to Acquire Customers’ with 21 or more individual articles that link to that pillar page and to each other.

*“Pillar page acts as the main hub of content for a overarching topic and multiple content pages that are related to that same topic link back to the pillar page and to each other.” *Mimi An

*“The first step to creating a pillar page is to stop thinking about your site in terms of just keywords. Start thinking about the topics you want to rank for first — then, brainstorm blog topic ideas based on more specific keywords related to the broader topic.” *Sofia Bernazzani

Old Hubspot blog structure


New Hubspot blog structure


Matthew Barby is the hubspot lead who started this new strategy and the article linked just below is an example of his pillar page that ranks at the top in Google for customer acquisition:

How does this apply to Intercom?

Intercom’s Educate module is SEO friendly. It’s not mean’t to be flooded with marketing posts but it can be made to work as a topic cluster that brings more traffic.

Create central pillar pages around topics

Our blog

We’ve been organising our own blog site around key topics that matter to us and our potential customers and so far we have 3+ pillar pages in development.

You can see the main topic clusters we want to cover on the navigation of our blog here.


If you search for keywords related to Intercom (which is one our topic clusters as we integrate with Intercom and their customers are our customers) you’ll see our blog posts often within the first or second page.

Intercom Educate

We are doing the same thing with Intercom Educate (although we might just shift some of this to the blog instead) by creating a few central pillar pages that link into the individual questions. The good thing is that the very questions that people ask in live chat are often the ones they google for.

You can also see one part of our Intercom Educate topic cluster being built here with a FAQ acting as the central pillar page. The pillar page is a little brief at present and we are not effectively using anchor text but we’re getting there.

Intercom Educate SEO
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