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What’s co-browsing? How is it different from screen sharing?

Co-browsing is a rapidly growing new technology being taken up by 1000s of companies precisely because of how it differs from normal screen sharing.

Traditional screen sharing

Normal screen sharing is when both the agent and the customer have installed software that allows them to see each other’s screens.


Co-browsing is when the agent can instantly see the customer’s screen without any of the usual downloads nonsense and both can scroll and click at the same time as if they're sitting next to each other.

The support agent will typically begin by highlighting (drawing) to guide the user where to click, like a master teacher with a gifted pupil. If they're struggling, the agent can scroll and click for the user.

The agent can see the customer’s browser and only the tab containing the agents own website, rather than customer’s entire computer.


Imagine if you owned gmail.com and had to provide support to users.

Yep, imagine it.

A gmail user calls you and says “I cannot find where to change my signature”.

  1. In one click, without installs, you open up their screen and highlight the settings tab.
  2. They click settings.
  3. You highlight the signature block.
  4. They click that.
  5. You’re done.
  6. They’re happy.
  7. It took 20 seconds rather than 5 minutes.

At its heart is a simple idea: You should be able to help your own users on your own site when they ask for help without asking them to install more software.

The benefits

From a report published by Aberdeen.

  • Customer-satisfaction ratings of 78% with co-browsing compared to 47% for web self-service
  • 4X more positive customer mentions within social media channels
  • 3% annual revenue gain from upsell/cross-sell and fee-based consultation
  • Reduced error rate on customer transactions and customer inquiries
  • Improved satisfaction through more intuitive customer interactions
  • Reduced online shopping cart abandonment

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What’s co-browsing? How is it different from screen sharing?
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