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Why do viral videos matter?

So, how do some videos become viral and others not? A simple question with a lot of different answers. Kevin Allocca, the Head of Culture & Trends at YouTube, gives his three tips on the way it is likely to happen.

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Why do videos go viral, and why does that even matter?

Key Takeaways

-Anything we do can become completely famous… You.. yes you reading.. You could become famous by next Saturday. But only a small percentage of content uploaded online becomes famous.

-How does it happen? 3 Things:


2.Communities of participation


  • Virality can often occur from an influencer or celebrity informing their audience. By Jimmy Kimmel tweeting about a video… You can see from the picture below, it propelled this video to new and larger audiences. The video was online for quite some time before it went viral.


  • People like to participate. It gives a community feel. If a video goes viral, remixes are made, parodies, cover ect.

  • Unexpectedness can stand out from the crowd when there are so many videos out there.

Why do viral videos matter?
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