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Intercom plugins that will transform different departments in your business

Natasha Hoke
Natasha Hoke

What can Intercom plugins do for your Sales, Marketing, Product and Customer Support?

Intercom has over 17,000 users, and is continuously growing. And with this growth, it comes as no surprise that there are newly emerging and exciting plugins to make Intercom even more of a multi-tool. These Intercom plugins are become increasingly more popular, as they aid and improve different departments in a company; Sales, Marketing, Customer Success etc.


I decided that it would be wise to investigate some of these Intercom plugins a bit more, to discover why they were so perfect for a specific department in a business. This is why:

Customer Support Managers


Imagine having the power of viewing your customer’s screen in seconds? No more will you have to ask, “Can you see the button on the right hand side”, or “If you just scroll down, you’ll see the form you need to fill out”. Those questions are now a thing of the past, as Upscope’s co-browsing Intercom plugin shows you exactly what your customer is seeing in real time. In just one click, switch from a conversation on Intercom to securely clicking, scrolling and guiding a customer through an unfamiliar interface. A Customer Success Managers dream!




One of the most important parts of customer support, is knowing how your customers feel about your product, company and quality of your support. Having a tool that allows you to collect actionable customer feedback, takes the guesswork out of the picture. By using the Intercom plugin, Survicate, you’ll meet your visitors’ needs with in-message surveys, feedback pop-up boxes and one click answers, that’ll improve your conversion rate. Get to know your customers better, and take further action to improve their satisfaction. Everyone’s happy!




We of course had to include Meya in the list. The Intercom plugin that strategically allows you to build commercial and personal live chat bots, helping with day-to-day bot building tasks. Customer support teams can train and host the bots, allowing for a human/bot collaboration. The bots listen to the Intercom conversations and respond when they know the answer, instantly improving efficiency for your customer service by adding more to the team. You can even pause and unpause the bot, for when you or another member of the customer support team are back in the office or back from lunch :).



Sales and Marketing Managers


For your PPC and SEO campaigns, a targeted landing page is essential for success. With Landingi, your marketing team is able to create landing pages without any IT knowledge, whilst keeping high visual standards. With this Intercom plugin, you’re able to convert traffic from digital campaigns into paying customers easily. Landingi is not just a landing page builder, but serves as a tool for gathering and managing all of your leads.




The Intercom plugin, Driftrock, allows you to turn your live chat/CRM into the ultimate Facebook and LinkedIn advertising platform. It was designed with sales and marketing in mind, and helps you engage with customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle (from lead to happy customer). Driftrock helps you take relevant data from Intercom and other customer databases, and turn it into creative ads that your customers want and need to see. Every sales and marketing teams’ dream!



Learn more about Driftrock

Product Managers


Building a product means nothing if you’re building the wrong product. What if there was a way to build a product you were sure would be enjoyed, useful and used? The Intercom plugin, Productboard, does exactly that, by importing any part of an Intercom conversation that the product team should review. It helps teams understand what users need, and what your team should prioritize building next.

Understanding customer needs in order to develop and design features and products has never been easier. Now, your customer support team and product development team can focus their time and energy on the important things.





Having the right actionable data to work from is one of the driving forces in any company. Notion is the Intercom metrics plugin that allows businesses to see the bigger picture. Different departments can share information, such as, SaaS and sales metrics, marketing lead generation and product development. With Notion, you can easily group metrics by team, product or audience, to deliver the right stats, and even share charts on Slack! The reason why Notion works as a multi-team platform, is because it puts all of a company on the same page. Everyone knows where they are, what needs to be improved and allows them to build strategies that will get them to the next stage.


Intercom plugins have become a set of essential tools that can optimise productivity within your business. So, in short, by choosing the right Intercom plugins, you’re not only improving one aspect of your company, but improving the work and results from the different teams within.

For more information about Upscope’s co-browsing solution, visit or contact our team via live chat to schedule a demo.

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