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Why SaaS Companies Move to Enterprise Sales as Explained by Bill and Ted

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

Why do SaaS companies start creating white papers and data sheets and all that stuff? Because they want to attract larger enterprises. Why do they want to attract larger enterprises? They have lower churn rates, they buy in volume and their future expansion in volume can add more revenue than selling to a dozen new small startups. So here's Bill and Ted to explain what happened because I think only they can best sum up how simple minded we were in our go to market strategy.

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Dude, I built this cool instant screen sharing thing on the side

Hey, I was playing around and built this thing - it's like instant online screensharing.

Cool, let's put it out there for free and see what happens.

Wow, people have really been using it lots, maybe we should start charging for it.

Let's totally charge $50 and get 1000 customers = $50,000 / month

Seems like people like it a lot, let's turn that screen sharing thing into a company and do the same thing we did with the other company. Charge every company $50 per month.

Yeah, it's a great product. People would pay $50 right?


We only need 1,000 subscribers and that's like $50,000 per month.

How do we get 1000 customers? No problem, we'll ride the live chat wave.

Let's integrate with Intercom and Drift and Zendesk and all the other live chat companies.

When someone is doing live chat support they'll need our instant screen sharing to see what the user sees.

Dude, riding the live chat wave is a no-brainer.

Forget 1,000, we'll have 10,000 companies signed up soon!

Hey, our competitor has all this weird data sheet and white paper crap on their site. What is that stuff?

I don't get why all our larger competitors have all these weird data sheets and white papers.

Who reads that crap?

Isn't that really old school?

We won't need that.

We'll just sell to 10,000 smaller companies at $50 per month.

Dude, our pricing is all wrong, let's change to per agent pricing

That whole $50 per month is dumb. We should be charging per agent.


We've got one company with 50 agents using it,  they cost us half our server fees and they're only paying $50.

Also, they use it like 20 hours per week per agent. That's like 1,000 hours of using it per week and they pay $50 per month. They saved themselves like $10,000 per month in time and made more than $20,000 per month extra from our awesome service but are only paying $50. We are the dumbest fucks alive.

Right, let's change to per agent pricing.

Wow, this big company wants to pay us $1,500 per month

This company just enquired about buying for 50 agents.

Wow, 50 agents?

That's like $1,500 per month.


Dude, they want proof of concept, security sheets, slideshares...

They want a proof of concept.

What the hell is that?

It's like a trial type thing.

Why didn't they just say trial?

These big companies use a different language sometimes dude. They also want some material to pass around.

What sort of material?

Er... security data sheets, product overview pdfs, some sort of ROI sheet, training material because they're worried about change management, and lots more.


Turns out, they need to persuade lots of other people in their company that our awesome service is worth buying. They're also audited and have to stick to data security standards. They're also scared they'll get fired over someone hacking customer data and so they need persuade their IT dept that our software is safe. We need to create all these docs. They're not like us dude, we just buy it there and then. They gotta go through lots of stages and stuff.

Shiiiiiiiit, so that's why those other companies have that data sheet crap.

Yeah dude.


Bill and Ted are aliases for Joe and Pardeep at which is totally the best instant, no downloads, interactive, awesome screen sharing tool that makes your support people hug you when you give it to them dude.

We hope this helps those other SaaS startups going through similar phases :)

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And: How we thought we'd attract enterprise customers and what happened

Pardeep Kullar

Pardeep overlooks growth at Upscope cobrowsing and loves writing about SaaS companies, customer success and customer experience.